Network Data Export Unlocked

Guilty businessmanOne of our customers came to us with a request to archive up to five years of network data and to analyze it using their homegrown tools. At the time, they were using a major framework performance management product that would not allow them to pull out all the data they needed. They happily discovered that Entuity easily accommodated their network data export needs.

For us, it’s a no brainer that businesses should be able to keep and analyze long-term history of their network data for strategic planning purposes. What is network data for if not ultimately to support business goals? Even so, there are network management vendors who restrict network data export from their databases. To put it bluntly: they control how you can use your own data. Entuity doesn’t. We let you export the entire database for use in any application you choose.

In fact, Entuity is the only network management company that lets you pull out all of the data we collect into any application of your choice. We do this by exporting our entire database to MySQL or MariaDB and readily integrate with other tools and products to address an organization’s distinct business and IT environments.

And we do all of this without causing more work or requiring expensive service consultants to address integration shortfalls. Several APIs comprise Entuity’s integration strategy and toolkit. These APIs make it easy for customers to integrate Entuity reports, analytics, and data into the tools and solutions they need to effectively manage their networks, such as managers of managers (MOMs), dashboards, and more.

After all, it’s your data. Shouldn’t you be able to use it exactly as you want?

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