My First Week at BMC Engage

What a week! It was my first time in Las Vegas, and most importantly, my first BMC Engage show. I had been looking forward to the show for months, and it was finally here!

Although I didn’t stray too far from the main Boulevard, it still felt as if I walked across the WelcomeToVegas Niteworld: From Caesar’s Palace and the Venetian, to the “Statue of Liberty”, to the “Eiffel Tower”. It was as if Disney’s Epcot Amusement Park moved out of the house and grew up. Each hotel/resort was drenched with some kind of theme, with their own casinos, recurring shows, and malls (Yes, every hotel has its OWN mall). For a first-timer, it can be pretty overwhelming to take in all at once. It’s a city you have to go to at least twice to really get the full effect, but the sample size I had was enough.

BMC Engage was a huge success for us. We met great BMC partners and customers who loved what they saw from Entuity. One company that stood out to us was Edge Technologies, who use Entuity as an integral part of their own dashboard product. Their monitor display brightly showed their sleek, modern BMC-integrated dashboards. We even met a couple great folks from Telecity Group, who coincidentally headquarters down the road from our own UK offices.

As fun as it was, it’s good to be home. I had a great time being in a new city attending my first BMC Engage . I’ve been waiting a long time, but I can now finally say it:

Viva Las Vegas!

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