Schedule periods of device maintenance to more accurately represent network availability.

Balance downtime with SLAs

Maintenance downtime is essential in any network. With connectivity and performance SLAs to meet, however, you don’t want these periods of downtime incorrectly represented in availability reports as outages where required uptime is 100%. ENA v18.0 allows you to schedule periods of maintenance for devices, during which downtime will not be reported on and no events are raised.

No loss of data

When a device is put into maintenance mode, ENA will still collect data. This ensures that you have a complete history of the device for all periods. Upon generation of a report, the applicable maintenance section of time is ignored.

Create schedules from anywhere

Context menus give you access to additional functionality throughout the ENA UI, and maintenance schedules are no different. Wherever you find a device, you can create a maintenance schedule for it (and add other devices to it as well).

Management in one place

View and manage all your maintenance schedules on the Maintenance Mode page. Quickly see details of each maintenance schedule (including name, status, number of devices, and schedule times), and edit them as needs be.

Flexibility to suit you

You might have complicated schedules that require slight tweaks for different devices. ENA enables you to rapidly set up new schedules by duplicating existing ones and making the changes necessary.

There might also be times when you need to split a schedule that is currently underway, so you can modify an existing schedule without affecting the results already gained.

Unified scheduling

Larger networks could have hundreds of devices deployed across multiple servers. In ENA, maintenance schedules are automatically synced from the central Entuity server and pushed to any remote servers that host devices in those schedules. If the schedule does not already exist on that remote server, then it is created, with the same settings as on the original server.