Loving Change, Hating The Cloud

Change is a part of life. A lot of the time, change can be great, taking businesses to higher levels of competence and accomplishes goals that were never possible before.

Not everyone enjoys change, though, and sometimes for good reasons.

Take Cloud Computing: thought by some to be a force of salvation within the IT community, while others believe it to be more work to manage, utilize, and protect the Cloud than ever before. The Cloud is definitely one of the most divisive technologies to appear within the last decade, as opinions show both pros and cons of using the technology.

In the commentary piece, “8 Reasons IT Pros Hate The Cloud” by Andrew Froehlich, we see one side of this issue, backed up with very compelling arguments made by IT professionals.

The eight issues discussed are:change coins cloud

Lack of Visibility

Third-Party Management of Data

Patch Management

Gateway to Shadow IT

Difficult to move out

Changes Your Job

Stretches WAN infrastructure

‘The Grass is Always Greener’

Safety and security concerns are presented throughout the article. However one issue I felt particularly uneasy about was Difficulty to Move Out. Essentially, because Cloud companies make their software so vastly different than other Cloud companies, once a system is in place, it can be a huge challenge to replace it. Imagine having a Cloud operating system installed, only to realize it’s an awful fit for the company. Now do you spend more money to fix the system you have, or spend more money to find a new one?

Yes, change can be good, but for business, change must be methodically planned before implemented. If your company is thinking about changing to The Cloud, be sure to evaluate the reasons first. Otherwise, it may be a little too late to change back.

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