Greater Productivity with Fewer Tools: Finding Solutions to Unconsolidated NMS

Many network monitoring solutions provide disparate tools that each offer only limited functionality. When there is a gap in the information these tools are providing about your network, it may seem tempting to install an additional tool to plug that gap. However, adding more tools could cause compatibility problems with existing tools, and in turn with any future tools that may be added. Separate and unconsolidated network tools could also cause headaches for network administrators through issues such as misreported or inconsistent data across multiple platforms.

So, what can be done if your network is using multiple tools? Below are some common problems associated with multiple-point solutions, and ways to overcome them to provide more meaningful insight into the running of your network.

Problem: “We have many tools that provide overlapping information and benefits”

Solution: Replace unused, repetitive tools with those that are all-encompassing

Rarely-used tools represent a financial burden for little reward, using valuable resources that could be better utilized elsewhere. It is important to engage tools with wide-ranging capabilities that utilize data across multiple platforms. Using fewer tools to manage your network can produce greater insights due to increased synergy between tools and data.

Problem: “My network tools helps, but only to a point”

Solution: Prioritize tools that work with your needs

The limitations of basic network management tools may require administrators to use their own processes to manually find data or problems. A crucial part of choosing the right NMS is finding tools that will provide the functionality you need to keep your network performing. A single-point solution, such as Entuity, delivers the integrated functionality for comprehensive insight across the network, no matter the scale.

Problem: “My tools are not adapting to my current workflow”

Solution: Prioritize tools that integrate with existing workflows

A solution that requires you to fundamentally change your network design to fit the software is not a good fit. On the other hand, solutions with extensive configuration management capabilities will help your network run the way it was intended. Your tools should work for you, not the other way around.

Problem: “There is too much data, and I do not know what to do with it”

Solution: Find a solution with user-friendly and customizable dashboards and reporting

Consider whether an NMS allows the creation of custom dashboards with clear data visualization that can cater for the indivdual data and reporting needs of your business. Looking through data across multiple tools is time consuming and potentially misleading if those tools display inconsistent data. Customizable dashboards and preloaded reports can help make quantities of data meaningful for the user.

Finding the most appropriate NMS tools can be challenging. Adding tools just to bridge gaps increases complexity and can be counterproductive. However, integrated tools or those with an all-in-one approach will provide faster and more accurate visibility on network issues, making your job easier.

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