Seamless Integration and Consolidation with Entuity

Increasingly, network management teams are looking for solutions that USCurrency_Federal_Reserve supporthelp them manage more proactively and support business growth. This is certainly the case with one Entuity customer, a large financial company, whose chief requirement when we first met them was the ability to drive the monitoring of their entire IT infrastructure from their BMC TrueSight Operations Management console. At the time, the network monitoring team was using a large framework NMS consisting of multiple loosely integrated products. Entuity hit the mark for these crucial reasons:

Seamlessly integrates with BMC TrueSight Operations Management and even enables cross launching from the TrueSight console. The company’s prior network management system could only integrate with TrueSight through SNMP traps. This was not only rudimentary, it also made consolidation and cross launch with TrueSight impossible. When the customer saw the in-depth event information Entuity could raise in the TrueSight console and how they could simply click on a URL link to go directly to the related device in Entuity, they were impressed.

Offers outstanding technical support. During the technical deep dive of Entuity, our team proved that we have not only the solution but the expertise to handle their requirements. Our thorough technical attention was a big part of why they chose Entuity over a major competitor.

Provides a superior product. With billions of dollars in transaction handled over their mission critical network, the company has rigorous demands for high availability. Entuity has excelled under these demands, and, in fact, our ability to do so was a prerequisite for closing the deal. Prior to production, the company went through performance testing, which meant pushing our servers to the limit. Entuity has proven itself and as a result, this customer has put their trust in us to help them build out their network management environment.

Also, as a fully unified solution, Entuity is operationally and architecturally superior to the framework solution they were using before, which suffers from the same basic inefficiencies of other multi-product solutions: cumbersome implementation, complex maintenance and upgrade, intense manual labor, need for expensive professional services, and so on.

Today, the group within the company who made the decision to buy Entuity is evangelizing to other internal groups to use Entuity more directly in place of disparate tools. Their goal is to expand operational and business benefits by further improving processes and using Entuity’s multitenancy feature. Their plans also include using Entuity’s industry-leading reporting feature to help boost the bottom line by providing business impact information, such as capacity planning and TopN.

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