Keeping Tabs on Network Devices

NW devicesHere’s an article that shows how typical network connected devices can be cataloged and monitored using an off-the-shelf management application from Dell:

Keeping tabs on the devices being used on an organization’s network in a centralized fashion can dramatically increase the efficiency of an IT team and help them rapidly respond to problems, sometimes even before the users are aware that one exists.

At Entuity we regularly hear from those using our Network Management application that the way it allows those responsible for the network infrastructure to rapidly see what’s happening across their entire network even when it sometimes spans multiple buildings, campuses, cities and even continents is key to maintaining practical control. Even when it’s necessary to deploy the management servers in multiple locations to service a globally deployed network the users are still able to see a consolidated view of the entire organization using a single login on a single browser and without that modern day enterprises would be dauntingly difficult to get their arms around.


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