Juniper Networks Have the Need for Speed

This year at their 2015 Innovation Showcase, Juniper Systems released a flurry of announcements regarding new products that will help shape the future of network operations and management across all platforms.

Some industry experts see a tightly connected world just a few years from now with 7.6 billion users and 50 billion connected devices.  With more and more complex data being thrown back and forth across the network, it is vital that the equipment not only handle the tasks, but also perform them faster than ever before. Such is the case with Juniper’s new line of products introduced earlier this year.

Sometimes, a business needs to prioritize their traffic to best suit the needs of their employees, customers, or partners. But trying to optimize ONE pathway across the network can be very challenging. With some new software, companies can designate and prioritize specific types of traffic to perform faster.  It also helps networks to increase their speed WITHOUT sacrificing security, a huge problem facing today’s network operators and managers.

According to Brad Casemore, research director at Datacenter Networks at IDC, “IDC hasjuniper Bombardier_Flexity_Outlook_Cityrunner_(panning_shot)_in_Genève,_2012 found that enterprise and service provider expenditures on infrastructure to deliver cloud services will reach $65 billion in 2017.” Juniper is addressing this need with the first switch to be powered by the Q5 chip, a purpose-built ASIC chip enabling unprecedented performance, as well as scalability for cloud networks and port density. Juniper claims the switch scales clouds and data centers as your business grows, while at the same time extracting the maximum value out of your network. In other words, Juniper thinks you’ll have this equipment for a long time, as it will be able to grow with you and the snowballing demand for cloud networks. These new improvements from Juniper allow networks to handle extraordinary speeds using less energy, saving businesses time and resources.

And while Entuity does not endorse any specific offerings from network vendors, we are always ready to take new devices under management. Alongside a management solution like Entuity, your network can seamlessly update, scale, and perform for a long time, keeping you competitive and relevant well into the future. For more detailed information on these new innovations from Juniper, check out their press page at

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