The IoT is Bringing Down the House!

Ismarthouse remember watching a movie as a kid on the Disney Channel called Smart House. Essentially, the plot was about a family that moved into an extremely technologically advanced house that could think on its own. It recorded trends within the family and their friends, and would give recommendations based on the data the house had collected on them. It was all meant to make life easier, until the house took over the family’s life, became a person, and then tried to destroy them.

It wasn’t a great ending…

But looking back now after 16 years, technologies like the Smart House are actually becoming a reality. Is a smart house really that farfetched knowing what we have available to us now?

Picture this: You set your alarm before bed to wake you up for 7:00 am. Your alarm then talks with your coffee machine via the home’s network to brew coffee at 6:55 am, giving you fresh brewed Joe the minute you wake up. Then, while preparing your cup, you run out of cream (or milk, honey, etc.). Since you did not put the cream container back into the refrigerator, it knows that this is a regular grocery item, and generates a shopping list at the end of the week based on the items you finished. After your mug is ready to go, you enter your garage to find your car already running. It was turned on at 7:50 am (the average time you normally leave in the morning), and has prepared the inside of the vehicle to your ideal temperature and favorite radio station. The car then drives itself to your job, where a lot of other seemingly magical technologies communicate with each other to make your life even easier.

This is a phenomenon called the Internet of Things, meaning most technologies will connect to the network where it can collect data, discover trends, talk to other devices/computers, etc. It quite literally means that all “things” will connect to the Internet.

With so much new and odd equipment using the internet, networkers must be sure they don’t fall behind. Networks must be bigger and faster than ever before to compensate for so many new devices in the near future. shows four requirements for preparing your network for the IoT. These requirements are:

  • Broaden the horizons of network visibility
  • Are you fit for IoT purpose?
  • Smarter Feedback for Smart Decisions
  • Defending Dumber Devices.

It may have seemed so futuristic when Smart House first aired, but now it seems this house could be up for sale tomorrow. The IoT will give us a lot of cool features to look forward to, but network managers will need to prepare for the future today just to prepare for the upcoming rise of internet usage.

Prepare for the IoT today, and prevent your company from a bad ending.

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