How to Navigate Around View Structure on Entuity Network Analytics (ENA)?

How to Navigate Around the View Structure on ENA?

This video provides you with further insights in navigating around the View Structure on Entuity Network Analytics and having better control of your network management.

An Introduction

This article shows you how to effortless navigate around ENA Entuity Network Analytics during network management process.

What you’ll Learn

  • Navigation
  • View Structure
  • Entuity Network Analytics
  • Network Management



Summary Dashboard


The main tool to navigate the View Structure, as known as the Navigation Tree in the previous versions. This allows Views or the hierarchy Views to be visualized or explored.

My Network View

This is the primary View and you are going to have a number of Subviews within My Network. By default, Subviews are listed on the Summary Dashboard.


By clicking the Explorer, you will see the Subviews of My Network View. You can select one of them just by clicking their names.

Here I have selected the “By Office” Subview. Then you can see the summarization of the By Office¬†Subview.

If you want to look within that, you can use the blue button to the right of that to explore within it. Those are the four Subviews. One step further, you can click on the New York Headquarters and you will see all the Devices within it. The top one is the Service existed in the New York Headquarter. If you go further and driven into a Device, you will finally see all these Ports.

Now, if you go back and just select a Device hq01. You will see the hq01 Device within the New York Headquarter Subview, which is within the By Office Subview, which is within the My Network View. The only difference between a View and a Subview is that a Subview exists within a View.

Content Dashboard

Here is the navigation approach and all the Dashboards are available whether you are in a View or Subview. The Content Dashboard is going to show you what exactly inside that View or Subview. If you click on one of the blue hyperlinks, it would directly guide you to that Device or Port.

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