How to Get a Complete View of Your Oracle Stack

Figure 10If you’re using Oracle Enterprise Manager, your business benefits from the holistic perspective it brings to the data center. But the value doesn’t end there. If you integrate Entuity network management with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (which is easy to do) you also get deep network visibility and a complete view of your Oracle environment.

But don’t you already get network data directly using Oracle Enterprise Manager? The answer is you get some. But it doesn’t provide the sort of comprehensive information you can get from an enterprise network management system like Entuity. Rather, what Enterprise Manager is great at is monitoring the behavior and performance of applications and how well other services in the stack are supporting those applications.

But, hey, do you really need enterprise-level visibility into your network? Here are a few signs that you do:

  • You can no longer draw a picture of your network on a whiteboard or troubleshoot it in your head.
  • Your network is so big that manually loading device inventory into your NMS takes too long.
  • You don’t know about problems until after they’ve happened.
  • Event storms make it difficult to identify the most critical problems.
  • Management is asking for business reports to justify your budget and you have to manually produce them.

If this sounds like you, you’ll want to know more about how the Entuity and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c integration makes it simple to share advanced network data and features with the rest of your Oracle environment.

Basically it works like this: Entuity automatically collects comprehensive network data and passes it on to Oracle Enterprise Manager in an intelligent, filtered manner. That is, Entuity logically groups network components that support specific business functions or geographies.

For example, all network components that support Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications can be bundled together and monitored as the PeopleSoft Network Service. This allows network services to be designated as Enterprise Manager targets and, when combined with other targets such as servers, databases, and applications, gives you a complete “systems” view of service delivery. Network administrators can also drill down into Entuity from the Oracle Enterprise Manager console using in-context links for deeper investigation into network activity.

To learn more about whether you’re ready for an enterprise-level NMS and about Entuity’s integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, read this best practice paper.


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