How to Ensure Great Application Performance

Fine tune your network for peak application performanceDo you have an application performance problem that you’ve been unable to resolve? This was the case with one Entuity customer until they tried SurePath, our application path discovery and monitoring solution. SurePath immediately determined that the path to and from a major SAP application had been hindered by numerous loop-backs. With a few simple network changes, they were able to optimize the path and improve performance. It was a fairly easy fix—once they knew precisely where in the network the problem was.

That blind spot existed unnecessarily for weeks until SurePath discovered exactly which parts of the network infrastructure supported this important application as it traveled across the network.

SurePath is a cost-effective, low overhead application performance discovery and monitoring software solution that discovers in realtime the exact network paths your applications are using, with Layer 2 and 3 visibility. Once you know the paths, you can:

  1. Optimize application performance by tuning the actual network paths your applications are using.
  2. Ensure those optimizations are maintained by setting a “reference” path (i.e., the path the application should be using) and having SurePath alert you to changes that may negatively affect application performance.

You can use SurePath standalone to complement your existing management framework or integrate it with Entuity network management software. Pricing starts at $300 USD per month.

How is SurePath different from other application performance monitoring tools?

Aren’t there application performance monitoring tools already out there that let you do this, like Traceroute or Netflow? Here’s our handy guide for answering that question.

  • Application monitoring: Only useful for monitoring application components.
  • IP SLA: Only available on Cisco devices, requires changes to router or switch configurations, cannot measure true end-to-end availability and performance and must be configured prior to use.
  • Traceroute: Only supplies Layer 3 path information (no Layer 2).
  • Packet capture: Resource intensive, expensive. Data is stale by the time it’s analyzed.
  • Flow Monitoring: Netflow, sFlow and other flow technologies are resource intensive and often impractical for monitoring all devices.

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