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These great benefits help keep our partners strong.


  Improved device management—Gives greater control of customer environments and saves on licensing costs by letting providers easily manage and unmanage devices and sub devices. Also provides heterogeneous device support, including a wide range of legacy devices.   Granular pricing and licensing control—Distributed licensing allows for allocating licenses exactly where needed. Flexible licensing structure includes device, object, perpetual, subscription based or customized licensing. Ability to unmanage ports means you pay for only what you manage.
  Multitenancy—Allows providers to co-locate customers on the same servers and devices while enabling role based access to customers, who see only their specific services.   Improved price quotes—Automatic discovery of all monitored devices on a network enables quick and accurate identification of the IT infrastructure and in turn improves the accuracy of price quotes.
  Means of demonstrating service delivery—Detailed reports demonstrate achievement of SLA targets. Option to let customers monitor their services through Entuity in realtime allows them to report problems as they happen. Customized reporting offers service providers new revenue opportunities.   Fast and efficient expansion—Entuity delivers class leading per server capacity. Scaling is a straightforward matter of adding and linking additional all-in-one servers. It is nearly unlimited and transparent to users.
  Stronger competitive positioning through new service offerings—Entuity’s extensible processing engine enables the fast addition of new devices to support rapid roll out of attractive new services.   Power to protect premium level customers—Entuity continually monitors the network infrastructure for impacts on business services. This enables proper prioritization of troubleshooting and repair efforts to ensure that premium service customers are least affected.

If you are interested in becoming an Entuity partner, please contact our Channel Manager.

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