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Happy Sysadmin Day!

July 26th marks Sysadmin Day globally; a day to appreciate your Sysadmin personnel in your organization. Your IT team keeps your business running, and maintains your day to day functions. We’ve compiled a list of reasons they save the day!

1.) That email you just got? Thank your sysadmin for that

[1] E-mail Storms – Everyone Gets Replies From Oprah,

2.) That meeting you almost forgot about? That reminder was made possible by your sysadmin

[2] *bzzt bzzt* calendar reminder, Quick Meme,

3.) Snowstorm? Still a workday for your sysadmin

[3] Jon Snow always looks sad, imgur,

4.) 2 am? If there’s a problem your sysadmin is there

[4] Did You Sleep Well?,

5.) Data protection? Your sysadmin has it covered

[5] Data protection is not just for star trek , meme generator,

6.) Forgot your password? No problem

[6] Forgot Passord, Better Day Snow,

7.) Need wifi? Your sysadmin never forgets the password

[7] What’s your WiFi Password It’s on the back of the Router,,

8.) New tool installation? Your sysadmin will guide you through it

[8] Just Keep Swimming,

9.) All the tickets you didn’t know were being generated? Your sysadmin is saving the day, just like they always have

[9] One Does Not Simple Request SSomething From IT,

10.) They give the best technical advice

[10] Why it is Important We All Celebrate SysAdmin Appreciation Day,

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