Happiness and the Cost of Licenses

Smiling cookie man costEntuity’s license pricing philosophy is reflected in the words of our CEO Michael Jannery: “We make it as easy as possible for our prospects to write us checks.” Why make it hard for you to buy something you need? Why not let you buy it in a way that works best for your business and budget? Everyone is happy.

How else do we help you control pricing? By giving you granular control over exactly which devices and ports you manage—and pay for.

There are many reasons for doing this. Maybe your budget is limited. There’s absolutely no reason to skimp on the quality of your network management solution. You could, for example, manage only the key switches and routers in the core or manage a subset of the network and then expand coverage when you have the budget or can justify the cost.

Or maybe you’re an MSP with a customer who wants to keep the management of certain devices in-house. Or you want to co-locate customers on a server. You pay only for what you use. Nice.

The point is it’s not an all-or-nothing deal. You get to choose.




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