Growing Pains: How to Move on from a Small Network

Entuity is not your average network management software: we are best suited for medium or large networks, with easy scalability and advanced monitoring of every device within the network. Though we would love to let everyone experience the thrill and ease of using Entuity, we really aren’t designed for “Small Shop” networks.

But that doesn’t mean the networkers in small network environments can’t manage a large network! You just have to know how to find the right job, even if you have little experience with large networks.little business kid

An employee at has recently told us about why he chose a candidate without much experience in the article, “Networking Career: How To Make It to the Big League”.

Working in a big network environment requires experience, and trying to get your first job within one means proving to the interviewer that the small experience you’ve gained can transcend to greater responsibilities.

In this case, the interviewee was a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades, knowing a lot of different skills but not a master in anything. What he did have was passion for the position, a drive to become bigger and better, and even tailored his resume to the job description to highlight his skills related to the job.

Every great career has seen growing pains. The point is to keep believing in your abilities, and to show your drive to do great work.

You don’t have to start at a big company to become a network superstar; you just have to act like one!

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