Get Your Head Out of the Cloud!

With so many companies moving data and servers to the cloud,  It’s critical that they find ways to optimize network performance to support cloud services.

All too often, professionals will overlook the need to keep control of their network infrastructures and maximize efficiency to handle the additional traffic that occurs when users access cloud resources. Here to help is a article entitled, “Optimizing Network Performance for the Cloud”. In this article, author Cahit Akin discussed a few quick, headache-free strategies that will avoid bottlenecking in the network by using cloud services.headtilt the cloud

Three strategies discussed are WAN Optimization, WAN traffic management, and Broadband bonding.

Another interesting tidbit from this editorial comes near the end, when Akin says, “The key thing to remember is, as the cloud evolves, it’s clear that the network and the cloud are quickly becoming one and the same.”

Get your head out of your cloud, and click here to read more about this article.


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