Future Proofing Your Network Management Strategy


Technology Changes. Your network is under constant pressure to operate on leaner budgets while at the same time quickly accommodate new technologies reliably and supply outstanding service delivery.  Can your network management solution adapt to these IT requirements?

Entuity’s principal solution architect, John Diamond, is running a session, Future-proofing your network management strategy, during the upcoming IP Expo event in London on October 7-8, 2015.

Join us and learn how to manage both legacy and cutting-edge technologies.  John will cover concepts and principles for contemporary network management to get the most from your valuable IT assets. Network complexities and explosive network growth are common occurrences; you will learn how to handle virtualization, overlay technologies, device support, cloud computing, scalability and more.


Click here for more details and stop by our booth for a quick demo on some exciting new features in our latest release of our enterprise-class network management software.


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