Network Management Is Fundamental to Digital Transformation


I had 3 great meetings last week – the 3 prospects all had different initiatives, requirements and issues:

  • Rapidly growing Cloud Hosting business
  • Data volumes increasing much faster than forecasted
  • Application response issues

Interestingly in listening to the prospects, the network was either not mentioned at all or not seen as one of the major focus areas. However as we delved deeper into their issues and also I started explaining how Entuity has helped other customers with similar initiatives and issues all 3 customers realised the fundamental importance of the network. There was instant nodding of heads as the value and benefits of unitising more of the network monitoring data that was available to them – Examples included how exactly is your network connected, capacity reporting, ability to see SNMP metrics and flow metrics at the same time, exact route an application is taking through their network, prioritisation to focus on service effecting issues.

I look forward to following up with all 3 prospects – same again next week (I hope!!)

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