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No Kung Fu master becomes a fighting champion without the help of their martial arts guru. A guru can guide you towards the right direction, and teach you the lessons you need to overcome challenges.

Technology changes daily, and it can be challenging to consistently keep up with current trends and innovations. That’s why it is great to know a few experts (or gurus) in the field that can provide great insight about what’s happening today, and what may happen soon in the industry.

Follow these network management leaders on Twitter for some great advice on Network management (and follow @Entuity on Twitter for network management articles, trends, and advice about the industry):

Some martial arts masters have the knowledge of a thousand warriors. Others have great mustaches. Both are worth listening to.

Brad Hedlund (@bradhedlund)

Dennis Moore (@dbmoore)

Greg Ferro (@etherealmind)

Ivan Pepelnjak (@ioshints)

Jeremy Gaddis (@jlgaddis)

Matt Simmons (@standaloneSA)

Paul Mah (@paulmah)

Sean Tario (@seanptario)

Tom Hollingsworth (@networkingnerd)

Read more about the careers and experience of each of these 10 experts here. Also be sure to check out Enterprise Networking Planet  for more on other network management leaders and related topics.

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