Fighting Challenges

boxing challengeWhen a boxing champion is challenged by a new, upcoming opponent, they must accept and defend their right to the title. If they didn’t accept, they wouldn’t really be a champion.

In networking, it can sometimes feel just like this: you finally overcome your network and completely familiarize yourself with it, only to be challenged by new industry trends and demands.

Knowing your “opponent” is 90% of the battle, and in Nicholas Ilyadis’ article, “Five Network Trends Challenging the Enterprise”, he discusses trends happening in today’s network, and what issues will arise in the near future. The five new challenges he writes about are:

  • Rapid Adoption of 802.11ac
  • 2.5G and 5Gbps in the Wiring Closet
  • 25G, 50G, and 100G in the Data Center
  • Cloud Scale Networking
  • Open-Source Networking

New trends can seem Rocky at first, and they may even turn you into a Raging Bull, but be The Fighter you are! Overcoming challenges like these only means you are becoming a better networker every day. So keep fighting! Otherwise you’ll find yourself in some heavy Mayweather.

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