eWeek.com – “Entuity V15.5 Brings Much-Needed Simplicity to Network Management”

eWeek - Enterprise IT Technology News, Opnion and ReviewsThis weekend, Entuity was featured in eWeek in a fantastic slideshow article detailing our simplicity and multitude of features. The slideshow contains real screenshots and easy to understand explanations for a lot of our capabilities.

Frank Olhurst, an award-winning technology journalist, does a great job of explaining not just what Entuity network management does, but how it can help a company as well. He writes the review with passion, and shows through his work how much he truly appreciates Entuity’s product.

He also does a great job summarizing Entuity’s elements in the slideshow captions. Though the screenshots themselves can speak for a hundred meters, Olhurst takes each slide and gives a brief but powerful message about the features’ functionality, practicality, and resourcefulness.

In one example, Olhurst writes, “The Network Explorer provides a tree view that allows administrators to select and drill down into any network component and delve into specific incidents as well as performance metrics. Most administrators will find the Network Explorer a powerful tool for quickly checking on a given network element, without having to visit dashboards or create reports.”

Check out eWeek’s article here, or visit our News page to read more about our recent press coverage.

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