Event Projects in Entuity Network Analytics (ENA)

Projects in Entuity Network Analytics (ENA)

An Introduction

Learn about the concepts of event projects in Entuity Network Analytics, and how they are used in ENA to help with proactive network management.

What you’ll Learn


3 min

Event Projects

All of the various aspects of configuration for the event system are gathered together into what’s referred to as a project. Entuity provides all of the out-of-the-box event configuration settings in the form of a default project, which is assigned version number one. Subsequent customization of the event configuration results in the creation of new projects each being allocated a unique version number.

Deploy Changes

Changes to the project can be recorded in an archive at any time using this control and a suitable description will also be prompted. Changes to the live event system configuration do not take effect until the administrator opts to deploy those changes.

It is also possible to save the changes and deploy in one operation using this control.

Project Archive

If I switch screens using this link. you’ll see the contents. The project archive can be displayed and this also provides a way to roll back to a previous version of the configuration if required for any reason.

Event Rules

Let’s go back to the summary page. I’m going to make a minor change to the current events system configuration by changing the period over which port state changes are counted to determine whether the port is flapping.

That’s determined by one of the default rules, which is held in the flapping stage of the pre storage stage.

The default setting is two minutes. I’m going to reduce that to one minute with this edit.

Assuming that’s the only change that needed to be made, I can now proceed to either just save the changes to the database or both save and deploy the new configuration project and enter the description to explain the change.

Deploy, Export and Import

The project has now been deployed. If I look at the list of all of the projects, you’ll see that there’s a new project with that new description and it’s been given a version number two. If I needed to roll back to any previous project version, I could simply select it and click the deploy button.

When viewing the project history page is also possible to export an entire project as a single XML file. You would do that using the export button. The reverse operation is also supported, which allows a project file that has already been generated on this or another server to be imported using the import button.

Administration Permission

It’s worth noting that only those users that belong to a user group with event administration permission can edit the event system settings and perform the deployment of new projects.

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