Entuity wins Gold for Network Management and Intelligence Innovations at the 9th Annual 2017 Golden Bridge Awards®

Boston, USA; London, UK– September 8, 2017Entuity Network Analytics Software has been named the 2017 Gold Winner in the Network Management and Intelligence Innovations category by the Golden Bridge Awards. The Golden Bridge Awards is an annual program rewarding top product achievements in every industry within technology around the world.

“It’s an honor to be named a winner in Network Management and Intelligence Innovations again by Golden Bridge Awards,” said Stephen Woodard, president and CEO of Entuity. “Entuity is laser focused on innovating and bringing powerful, real-time network analytics to organizations of all sizes.  As companies undergo their digital transformation, support for new devices, and application integrations can be quickly realized with Entuity to ensure the visibility of what’s really happening in the network is always current.  We believe that the network ‘is your business’ and Entuity safeguards that your network, and business is running optimally.”

This year’s gold medal for Network Management and Intelligence earned by Entuity is testament to the on-going, innovative development of network management and analytics capabilities incorporated in its latest software version. Entuity has clearly led the way in designing network management software that supports today’s digital enterprise transformation. With key network analytics and a new BMC TrueSight dashboard integration, Entuity Network Analytics gives IT organizations the right data to make forward thinking decisions and drive appropriate actions to solve real business problems. Through its new integrated end-to-end visibility, IT managers can maintain an outstanding digital end-user experience—critical for any business’ success.

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More information about Entuity Network Management and Analytics can be found at entuity.com.

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