Entuity Service Level Management: Focus on MSPs

TT 4Our last tech tip on Entuity Services discussed the CIO Service Model, which provides a high level business-oriented overview of network health, identifying different categories of service. In this week’s tip is focused on managed service providers.

Tech Tip 4

Here’s a useful tip for managed service providers using Entuity’s Service Management feature. Did you know that you can give customers access to service definitions pertaining only to them without exposing information about other customers? Simply copy the service into an Entuity view and provide access to that View (instead of directly to the definition).

Not Familiar with Entuity Services?

One of the ways Entuity brings business focus to network management is through its service level management feature, “Entuity Services.” This feature lets you model network resources that you manage through Entuity into the business services that they deliver. For example, you could create an Entuity service for an important business application by grouping a collection of components that service depends on such as devices, ports, interfaces, WAN links, and more. This elevates monitoring from an individual component basis, to a higher-level business perspective. Operational anomalies, alerts or outages of any underlying components are visualized against the services, for insight into business impact. To learn more about Entuity Services, see the following videos:

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