Entuity: Out of the Box – Renato Strazzeri de Araujo

The Amazing Spider-Monster!

The Entuity: Out of the Box blog series highlights the efforts, insights, and stories from actual Entuity employees. This week, we interview Renato Strazzeri de Araujo, our Test Engineer & Developer, who shares his insights about the industry’s newest trends, how he joined the Second Industrial Revolution, and why you’ve never heard of Spiderman’s newest nemesis.


What is your favorite part of Entuity?

Definitely views. The way we can organize the network in a hierarchical display,  grouping devices in whatever way the admin wants to and then be able to create services, generated policies and reports for these groups  to the network management team is a flexibility of our product thatentuity_spidermen put us miles ahead of the competition.


What are you most passionate about in your life?

My passion is my partner, and looking after her is a full-time job. But as I also have to pay the bills, I moonlight at Entuity. I also enjoy gardening.


What was your first or strangest job?

I am from an IT family, but I decided not to follow the family tradition and went for a career in the textile industry. Funnily enough, in my first job there was a VAX PDP-11 attached to spectrophotometer (a device that reads a color and produced a recipe similar to the ones found in hardware stores when you want paint your wall in a color that is not available). They were not having much luck with the device and I decided to have a look. In a short period I sort them out and I was made the operator of the machine, but as I didn’t want work with computers I moved on.

In every other job in the textile industry I would ended up working with the IT department giving ideas about which systems to implement.

Working conditions in the textile industry haven’t improved much since the 18th Century’s First Industrial Revolution, so  I gave in and decided to be part of the Second Industrial Revolution. The pay was better too.


What do you think is the next big advancement in network management?

Software Defined Networking (SDN

The Internet experiment with control plane and data plane in the same physical device at a fixed location ossified the network. IPv6 is a good example of this.

The theoretical max 4 billion addresses of a 32bit address space of IPv4 seemed a lot when first defined, but with the  projected 40 Billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020, it is clear that the NAT ‘plaster’ is becoming a hindrance to the ever increasing sophistication of services and connections. In SDN, addressing is just an attribute of the abstraction. Yeah it would need some software rewriting, but nothing like the amount of work required in replacing and reconfiguring all those pieces of kit distributed all over the place.

There are others, but OpenFlow has a big headway in the southbound API. Cisco is trying OpFlex, and it seems we will be getting the same “Betamax vs VHS” and “Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD”.  It is not much about what is technically superior, but more about which one attracts the greater number of followers that will define the winner. We have to wait and see.

It seems now that the northbound API (Network Operation System) is where vendors are mostly fighting for space, and startups are sprouting up. But I think this space will eventually be standardized in order to provide developers flexibility to deliver their products.

The final move that will finally take the Internet to the 21st Century will be when the East/West interface is standardized and the end of BGP.  There is still a lot to sort out before we get there.


What would be your superhero power, and why?

In the comic scene, I am a villain.

When my son was going through his Spiderman phase, I would be Spidermonster and we would have epic battles for world domination. My super special power  was my spider shark laser teeth that could tickle Spiderman to death.

His phase lasted a few years and one day he came to me and said “Dad, my friends have always denied your existence and I have been looking in books and the Internet and the closest I could find was Venon – are you Venon?” and I replied: “No, I am the one and only Spidermonster” and a new battle started.

I am also very fond of spiders.  I much rather have them around than their food, which has caused a few altercations with the women in my life.

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