Entuity: Out of the Box – Peter Licursi

Coffee is for Winners!

The Entuity: Out of the Box blog series highlights the efforts, insights, and stories from actual Entuity employees. This week, we interview Peter Licursi, our Vice President of Sales, who talks of his passions & hobbies, the importance of a fully functioning network, and shares his favorite scene from Glengarry Glen Ross.


Describe the moment or situation when you realized the importance of network management.

There is not one situation that really comes to mind, but every time I visit a customer or one of our partners, I am always amazed how grateful they all are that Entuity exists.

They all used other network management solutions but we provide so much more. The common theme is that our solution prevents disasters from happening.  Our goal is to eliminate the following sentence from any language…“I’m sorry but our network is down.”

out of the box


What is a passion of yours, other than network management?

If I’m not in an airplane; Cycling, Gardening, Cooking, Fishing, Museum visits and hacking away at Jimmy Page solos on my guitar.


What is your signature dish that you cook? What makes yours stand out from the rest?

My macaroni and cheese has a Michelin star! Why? It’s my secret mixture, I can’t tell you.


What is your favorite part of Entuity?

My favorite part is that we can quickly achieve support for new devices that don’t exist in our supported device list.


Describe your favorite scene in a movie.

Too many to mention but here is one that comes to mind; Glengarry Glen Ross, “Coffee is for winners”.

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