Entuity: Out of the Box – Pat O’Hara

Cute Corgis & Green Giants

The Entuity: Out of the Box blog series highlights the efforts, insights, and stories from actual Entuity employees. This week, we interview Pat O’Hara, our Channel Marketing Manager, who tells us how customers have saved millions using Green IT, how she chose her favorite dogs, and when the San Francisco Giants showed up during her volleyball game.


What is your favorite part of Entuity?Jack_mcgee out of the box

Network Topology Maps is my favorite part of the Entuity product.  It visually shows what is on a network and how devices are connected.  It also plays an integral role in root cause detection.


Describe your favorite scene in a movie.

My favorite movie is the Accidental Tourist from the book of the same name by Anne Tyler.

William Hurt plays the father and they have a corgi dog named Edward.  Edward is extremely scared of the cellar, but Hurt coaxes him down the stairs to the cellar while he is carrying a load of wash.  As Edward gets to the bottom of the stairs, the washing machine makes a huge noise and the dog jumps into Hurt’s arms, Hurt falls backwards and breaks his leg in a very awkward position and Edward bounds up the stairs and looks down to survey the damage with a look as if to say “that’s it–never going back down there again.”

Turns out it was the first time I had seen a corgi and made a mental note that they would be a good dog to look into for the future.  Now we have two rescue corgis and they are just as smart and troublesome as Edward!


What is a passion of yours?

Gardening and historic homes.  Over the years I have been to many legendary gardens, including Kew, Longwood, Botanical gardens in Madrid, Paris, Phoenix, Vancouver, and historic homes/castles.

My gardens at home are not in such a grand scale, but the wildlife seems to like them.  This year all I have left of my 6 basil plants are 6 stubs.  I guess rabbits have to eat too.


What is your favorite network management success story?

One of our larger customers is very much attuned to being environmentally responsible. One program they instituted was reducing energy consumption.

By using Entuity, they were able to monitor over 25,000 devices and their associated energy pull via a green IT dashboard.  While using automated network management and associated policies, the customer estimates a net annual savings of more than $1.4 M on power costs simply by turning off devices when not in use!


What was your first or strangest job?

My strangest job, although strange in a good way, was working for a medical software company.

One of my responsibilities was for the annual sales conference.  This meant I needed to take care of some of the less glamorous marketing tasks like inflating 250 beach inner tubes, getting 500 sales people to be in the correct spot for an aerial photograph, and organizing very competitive volleyball tournaments among the usual sales meetings at locations around the world.

During one volleyball tournament in Scottsdale, AZ, which is also the off season spring training site to a few major league baseball teams, we had a huge sound system set up and played the national anthem to officially start the tourney.  Surprisingly, on a baseball diamond next to us, everyone stopped playing baseball took off their hats and faced the US flag we had going up. Turns out they were the San Francisco Giants!

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