Entuity: Out of the Box – Mat Miller

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The Entuity: Out of the Box blog series highlights the efforts, insights, and stories from actual Entuity employees. This week, we interview Mat Miller, our Graduate Support Engineer, who discusses his love of music, the versatility of Entuity’s Event Management System, and living off the land with Bear Grylls. 


What is a passion of yours outside of work?

A passion of mine, other than network management, is music, whether it is playing the guitar or piano, listening to it, or going to live gigs or music festivals.


What was your first, and what did you do there?

My first job was as a sales associate in Waitrose working on the TV and Audio department providing customer service, advice and technical support to customers.


What path brought you into network management?

I got into network management through studying IT at South Essex College and then moved on to do a Network Technology degree at The University of Essex, which led me into this position and has only increased my interest in network management.


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What is your favorite part of Entuity?

My favorite part of Entuity is probably the Event Management System, due to how flexible it is and how it gives you the ability to modify/enrich events in a number of different ways.


What reality TV show would you most like to try out for, and why?

I would like to try out for Bear Grylls – The Island, as surviving off the land using only instinct and common sense has always seemed like a fun adventure for me, along with having to be creative with the minimal amount of items you would have available to use for tools, etc.

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