Entuity: Out of the Box – Carol Sanday

All in One Dish!

The Entuity: Out of the Box blog series highlights the efforts, insights, and stories from actual Entuity employees. This week, we interview Carol Sanday, our Business Development Manager, who discusses her signature dish, the significance of an “All in One” solution, and why the Christmas move Home Alone makes her smile the whole year round.


When did you first become involved with network management, and how do you see the network’s role in the larger context of the business?

I first got involved with Network Management back in 1992.

Networks were evolving and becoming more multi-vendor, multi technology. The need to be able to have a holistic view of the network’s performance/health and report on LAN utilisation and, more importantly, WAN capacity, was becoming more and more apparent. There were limited, if not any, enterprise class network management solutions that were around at this time.

Suddenly the market exploded with an array of point specific solutions becoming available to address one or two key areas of network management. As time progressed the need to have an enterprise class “All in One” solution that provided all the core network management functionality requirements in a single unified platform was required to provide an integrated view of the network’s performance to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs.


roast and potatoes

What is your favorite part of Entuity?

Entuity provides an “All in One” enterprise class network management solution that combines performance, fault, flow, inventory, topology and
reporting in a single unified architecture.


What was your first job, and what did you like about it?

My first job was working as a receptionist at a veterinary surgery for about 5 years. I absolutely loved this job as it provided me with the ability to work with both people and animals. It was truly amazing.


What is your signature dish that you cook? What makes yours stand out from the rest?

My signature dish is a traditional “Sunday Roast”. My roast potatoes are one of the crispiest, fluffy and tastiest –even though I say it myself. Wrap them in stuffing mix just before roasting!


Describe your favorite scene in a movie.

My favourite scene in a movie is from Home Alone.

The crook enters an open window into the house to rob the property, only to find himself landing on Christmas babbles and cutting his bare feet. His face is a picture that sticks in my mind still today. It makes me chuckle.

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