Entuity 16 Network Management Now Available

Entuity 16 topology map 1

Entuity’s topology maps have been updated to significantly improve network visibility and boost performance and usability.

Entuity 16 network management is now available and includes some great new features for further automating network management and deepening insight into your network.  Here are highlights:

Configuration Management System—Entuity 16 adds a flexible, embedded Configuration Management System, enabling users to automatically push configurations to thousands of devices and ports within single and multi-server environments. This increased automation has clear benefits for operational efficiency (e.g., less manual labor), but it also improves the accuracy of network information by reducing errors. Configuration scripting occurs through the web-driven creation of “tasks,” which allow users to pre-configure and validate configurations. The Configuration Management System is included in the base Entuity product for both new and existing customers at no additional license cost.

Topology Mapping Enhancements—Great network insight is indispensable but also must be readily available to enable proactive management. Entuity’s enhanced topology maps have been updated, not only to significantly improve network visibility, but also to boost the performance and usability of the maps themselves. Topology maps are now directly tied with Entuity’s network Views feature so that the entire hierarchy of views and subviews are visualized in the maps, with both always in sync to ensure continuously accurate network information and a consistent view for all users.

Cloud Certification—Entuity 16 is now cloud certified, delivering high performance and efficiency that is equal to its on premises installations.

ServiceNow Integration—With a direct integration from Entuity’s advanced embedded Event Management System (EMS), ServiceNow users will benefit from the full power of the EMS rules and consolidation system (typically, a greater than 90% reduction in raw events).

Additional Enhancements—Entuity 16 adds several technology, administrative, and reporting enhancements, including extended Cisco SNMPv3 encryption methods Triple DES (3DES), AES192 and AES256, automated bulk installation on multiple Entuity servers, and more.

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