Entuity Launches Version 16.5 – It’s a Game Changer

There is so much packed into the latest release of Entuity network management software and we’re excited to share a few of the highlight with you here.

Enhanced Multitenancy—Version 16.5 boosts Entuity’s multitenancy capabilities with the addition of IP address zones. This new feature eases management and administration by allowing devices on networks with overlapping IP address spaces to be managed from the same Entuity server. Reducing the number of Entuity servers needed to manage multiple tenants not only improves operational efficiency but lowers capital equipment costs. The use of zones is especially helpful for MSPs that manage many smaller networks and for merged companies where IP address ranges overlap.

Tighter Integration Between Configuration and Events—Entuity 16.5 enables network administrators to execute configuration management tasks as Event Management System (EMS) actions, streamlining operations and improving proactive management of network issues. For example, the Configuration Management System and the EMS can work together to detect and automatically shut down a port that has been continuously flapping for more than a defined period of time, or detect a period of high utilization on a WAN and automatically enable an associated back up circuit to share the load.

SurePath Realtime Path Analysis Module – Entuity is introducing a new module, now included in its flagship network management solution.  SurePath, a powerful solution that shows you in less than 30 seconds the actual network paths (layers 2 and 3) your applications are using to travel across the network. With this knowledge you can tune the actual parts of the network that support your critical applications, set a preferred path as a “reference” and be alerted in case of a deviation (a potential cause of performance issues), and proactively monitor application paths. An optional integration with Entuity Network Management lets you set up automatically monitored “services” for the path/application dependency.

For additional details about Entuity 16.5 or to arrange a demo, please contact info@entuity.com.

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