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At Entuity, customer support and service is about building relationships.

That’s why we place such a high priority on providing a team of network management experts who think of customer support in a broad, holistic way. For us, it’s not just about solving the problem at hand (although that is critically important). Customer support also encompasses addressing customer-specific operational needs and strategy around how to improve the network as a strategic business asset.ed people, regardless of whether we have a job opening that meets your background.

Entuity Support and Service

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Entuity offers an established customer support structure staffed by professionals—a necessity for enterprise networks.

Lower-end tools typically provide forums, online training materials, and FAQs, which have value but are no substitute for expert advice. As for other network management vendors, it’s not unusual to be passed from tier to tier as you wait days or weeks for problems to be addressed.

Entuity’s customer support team solves problems quickly, generally from within a few minutes to a few hours.

Special requests, such as for a tailored reports or device modeling, are addressed within hours or days. Professional Services are available for product enhancements, training, product customization, and custom implementations. We also take seriously our customers’ ideas for improving our products. In fact, all Entuity Network Management software releases are developed with their direct input, allowing them to mold the product to the way they actually work.

Entuity Training and Certification

Entuity training courses enable users and network administrators to benefit from the full power of Entuity Network Management software. In fact, those who have completed Entuity training courses have said they have doubled or tripled the value they get from the product.

Entuity offers instructor-led courses as well as online courses for our customers’ convenience. Hands-on training courses are taught by senior Entuity technical experts and address varying levels of product knowledge. Instructor-led training can be conducted at your site, remotely via the cloud, or at a mutually agreeable location. Our online courses are available through the Entuity Training Academy. Each course is a professionally produced series of video training modules that let customers learn at their own pace.

Entuity also offers certification for our network management software, which enables individuals to demonstrate a level of proficiency with Entuity that distinguishes them within their companies and professions. Applicants achieve certification upon successful completion of an exam, which shows the level of skill and knowledge attained.

“During the pilot program and implementation, Entuity was very responsive to our needs. Entuity’s willingness to be a true partner provided us with the ability to impact product planning, further helping us to meet our goals and objectives for better network operations and availability.”
Senior VP of IT Operations

Major U.S. Health Services Company

“Working with Entuity’s Support team is so different from our experiences with other vendors where we’ve made requests and then waited for months only to get no response or ‘no’ for a response. Entuity gets back to us quickly and does their best to help us do everything we need to do.”
Andrzej Ciupa

Monitoring & Remote Operations Manager, Vattenfall