Entuity at BMC Engage Las Vegas

ATV in VegasYesterday, the Entuity team warmed up for the BMC Engage show. Literally. In the desert. And it looks like it was loads of fun, with the guys taking a spin on ATVs before heading back to the gorgeous Aria Hotel in Las Vegas where the event is being held. Entuity is on site to demo our network management software (booth #413 if you’re at the show).

For those BMC customers out there, Entuity is the only network management solution offered by BMC, with the integration sold under the name Entuity for BMC TrueSight Operations Management. What’s in it for TrueSight Operations users? A lot. Real-time network data, shorter mean time to repair (MTTR), longer mean time before failure (MTBF), a boost in automation, elimination of data silos, unified management, and greater visibility across the whole IT infrastructure. That’s a total service delivery view. This ultimately leads to much better application performance because potential network problems that may affect application service delivery can be found and fixed before things get really bad.

Entuity and BMC TrueSight Operations Integration Points

There are 2 key integration points between Entuity and TrueSight—events and forwarding of network data to the TrueSight Predictive Analytics Engine.


Entuity’s embedded rules-based event management system dramatically improves the relevance and actionability of network “incidents” (a combination of multiple events) sent to TrueSight. Whereas TrueSight event management prioritizes events from components across the IT infrastructure, Entuity specializes in the pre-processing of network incidents before they’re forwarded to TrueSight. This reduces the number of escalated incidents and improves the relevancy of the incident information that TrueSight receives. This additional efficiency in Entuity is passed onto TrueSight by enabling faster incident processing by TrueSight and in turn faster integration of high-quality network incident information with the rest of the IT infrastructure.

All of the events from the monitored IT environment, including network events/incidents, are displayed at the TrueSight Event Management Console. This means that all Entuity event information from links between branch offices, routers, switches, LAN/WAN details, load balancers and firewalls are included with the server and application events normally collected within TrueSight for a complete picture of the IT environment. With one click, operators can also cross-launch directly from TrueSight into Entuity to quickly find the source of network-related problems and drill down into historical data.

TrueSight Predictive Analytics Engine

Entuity automatically forwards network device-level metrics such as CPU utilization, memory and latency to TrueSight. This lets operators leverage dynamic baselining in TrueSight and develop extended trending data for proactive management and planning. IT staff can also define the actionable issues they’d like Entuity to escalate to the TrueSight events console. Finally, the metrics data can be used to enhance service impact models by including network elements.

Integrations with Other BMC Products

Entuity integration modules are also available for these other BMC products: BMC Atrium, BMC BNA, BMC Remedy and BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization. More about these in a future post.

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