Entuity 16 Release

Entuity’s Latest Network Management Release Offers Configuration Management, Enhanced Topology Maps, Cloud Certification, and Integration with ServiceNow

Entuity 16 Brings Further Automation and Deeper Visibility to its Unified Network Management Solution


Boston, USA – London, UK – (Marketwired – December 9, 2015)Entuity®, the absolute best source of network insight, today announced the general availability of Entuity 16, another semi-annual major release of its award-winning software. Entuity 16 adds significant features for further automating network management as well as broadening and deepening insight across even the largest networks. Entuity 16 includes features such as a highly scalable, fully integrated Configuration Management System, high-performing topology maps that prioritize visibility and proactive management, and certification to run in the cloud with the same high performance as in on-premises deployments. Entuity 16 also introduces a seamless integration with ServiceNow to bring real-time network insight and a complete view of service delivery across ServiceNow environments.

Highlights of Entuity 16 include:

Configuration Management System—Entuity 16 adds a flexible, embedded Configuration Management System, enabling users to automatically push configurations to thousands of devices and ports within single and multi-server environments. This increased automation has clear benefits for operational efficiency (e.g., less manual labor), but it also improves the accuracy of network information by reducing errors. Configuration scripting occurs through the web-driven creation of “tasks,” which allow users to pre-configure and validate configurations. The Configuration Management System is included in the base Entuity product for both new and existing customers at no additional license cost.

Topology Mapping Enhancements—Great network insight is indispensable but also must be readily available to enable proactive management. Entuity’s enhanced topology maps have been updated, not only to significantly improve network visibility, but also to boost the performance and usability of the maps themselves. Topology maps are now directly tied with Entuity’s network Views feature so that the entire hierarchy of views and subviews are visualized in the maps, with both always in sync to ensure continuously accurate network information and a consistent view for all users.

According to Stegen Smith, Sr. Network Engineer for Adobe: “The improvements to topology maps in Entuity 16 really stand out for us. We’ve used them for a long time for monitoring and troubleshooting with a lot of success, but the changes in this latest release bring them to a whole new level. The visibility is deeper, the features are richer and easier to use, and the performance is lighting fast. I can easily see us expanding our use of them for more proactive management.”

Cloud Certification—Entuity 16 is now cloud certified, delivering high performance and efficiency that is equal to its on premises installations. For both enterprise customers and MSPs alike, the ability to run Entuity in the cloud means faster deployment of servers, reduced capital equipment costs, and the opportunity to host another valuable cloud-based service for their users.

ServiceNow Integration—With a direct integration from Entuity’s advanced embedded Event Management System (EMS), ServiceNow users will benefit from the full power of the EMS rules and consolidation system (typically, a greater than 90% reduction in raw events). Entuity events and incidents are sent to ServiceNow and displayed at the ServiceNow console for rapid resolution.

Additional Enhancements—Entuity 16 adds several technology, administrative, and reporting enhancements, including extended Cisco SNMPv3 encryption methods Triple DES (3DES), AES192 and AES256, automated bulk installation on multiple Entuity servers, and more.

According to Michael Jannery, Entuity President and CEO, “Entuity has always been ahead of the industry with respect to prioritizing deep network visibility accompanied by the ability to dive in quickly and get exactly you need within seconds. Automation contributes to the accuracy of network visibility by reducing errors, and in turn, delivering the most reliable data. Entuity 16 adds even more automation, and combined with major advances in performance and usability, the insight it offers into the network is unprecedented.”


SurePath Realtime Application Path Analysis Software

In addition to its flagship network management solution, Entuity offers SurePath, a powerful, low overhead software solution that shows you the actual network paths (layers 2 and 3) your applications are using to travel across the network in less than 30 seconds. With this knowledge you can tune the actual parts of the network that support your critical applications, set a preferred path as a “reference” and be alerted in case of a deviation (a potential cause of performance issues), and proactively monitor application paths. An optional integration with Entuity Network Management lets you set up automatically monitored “services” for the path/application dependency.


Entuity 16 is now generally available. For additional details, to arrange a demo, or for pricing information, please contact info@entuity.com.


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About Entuity

Entuity takes the work out of network management. Our highly automated, unified, enterprise-class solution puts deep network insight at your fingertips, frees IT staff to focus on strategic projects, and easily integrates with major frameworks and networking environments. Entuity’s support and services teams are frequently praised for their rapid response, networking expertise and involvement in special engagements. Founded in 1997 by two senior-level IT executives from the financial industry, Entuity is headquartered in London with US operations in Boston.

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