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Entuity Network Analytics new release - ENA

You may have heard, Entuity have a major new release, it’s called Entuity Network Analytics (ENA). But what’s it all about?

Our mission at Entuity is about enabling our customers to move faster, be more agile, and make better use of their network data. The world of IT operations is dynamic, increasingly distributed, with more data becoming available every day. Your customers demands are shifting too; they want better user experiences, uninterrupted services, higher application performance. From your customers perspective, they don’t want to ever see or hear about the network, they just want their stuff to work. Think about what you do for a moment. This means that you’re not just a network engineer; you ensure that the services and applications your business relies upon are working. You power your business’ communications, both internally and externally. You help connect people to people, and to the things they need to be productive. And usually, you are only seen or heard of when something goes wrong with the network, because when the network is performing well, something magical happens – it disappears.

You’re the magician behind the curtain.

At Entuity, we can’t guarantee you get more of the hugs you deserve, but we can help you ensure the network stays up for longer.

A tool to fit into your way of working, rather than the other way around

With these shifting user expectations, IT operations is having to change the way it works, moving to a more agile approach. Pushing small changes, more frequently reduces risk;

  • smaller changes means less can go wrong;
  • if something does go wrong, it’s easier to find and fix it

And business demands are much more fluid than they used to be, so you need to be fluid with them. So what have we been doing at Entuity to help you? The release of ENA focuses on two things:

  1. We make it easier to do network management. Period.
  2. We’ve given you complete control of your data; what you want to see, where you want it.
Virtualization dashboard in Entuity Network Analytics

Easier network management

Enterprise-class software products used to be able to get away with being “complex”. No one ever used to complain about whether an enterprise-product workflow was intuitive or not, there was a level of expectation that a product with that much functionality, just had to be hard to use!
But that’s changed. User expectations are being shaped by the digital experience we’re having each day across all of our devices.. Now, users are saying: “Hey! Why can’t using your product be easy like all of the apps on my phone?!” We’re all becoming UX experts.

We’ve also heard from our customers that they want network management to be easier for their staff. When a network goes down, it’s important to get it up and running as quickly as possible and that’s a lot easier to do if you don’t have to clamber around figuring out how to use your network management software. Using an earlier analogy, similarly to when a network is performing well it becomes invisible; when a network management product is doing its job well, it moves out of the way of the user, and just allows them to do their job well.

ENA has been completely redesigned to provide efficient, intuitive workflows and to tell the story of your network data clearly. Of course, ENA is a very complex product. It has to be, because we’re bringing together so many technologies that enable IT teams to pinpoint problems quickly. But our intuitive workflows mean we bring simplicity back to network management.

Complete control of data

We give you complete control of your data, what you want to see, where you want to see it. You may hear this all the time, it’s become a cliche. But what do we mean by it?
All network monitoring products have dashboards, with metrics and some allow you to create custom dashboards. ENA can do all of this, but takes it one step further with our brand new concept – “Dynamic Dashboards”.

What are Dynamic Dashboards?

To understand dynamic dashboards, you first have to understand how ENA helps you navigate your network. We have a tool called the EXPLORER – it’s built right into every screen for quick access, and it allows you to see and navigate the hierarchy of your network. You can see every device ENA has discovered, every device you’ve added, your cloud and virtualized instances (AWS, Azure, VMWare), your firewalls, load balancers, ports, power supplies, you name it. Imagine it as a folder system, where everything is logically arranged, allowing you quick access to your whole network.

Ports dashboard in Entuity Network Analytics

For each device on your network, ENA provides a series of dashboards out-of-the-box. As you navigate to a port, for example, you will immediately be met with a Summary dashboard displaying the high-level metrics for the health of that port. You have other dashboards available for that same port too. The Flow dashboard will show metrics specifically around Flow, there is an NBAR dashboard, and an Incidents dashboard displays current and historic incidents for that port. You get the idea. Each device has its own set of dashboards, so as you navigate through the network, the dashboards change according to the context of the device you are on – they are dynamic.

But there is more. You can create your own dashboards and save them to a context so they display each time you navigate to that context. Let’s use an example: let’s say you create your very own ports dashboard. You can set your port dashboard to show whenever you navigate to any port across your entire network. Think about that. If you had 10,000 ports on your network, you could create one dashboard that would show each time you navigate to any one of these 10,000 ports. Then think switches, routers, firewalls, services, load balancers, virtual platforms, customers!. You can literally control – with just a few dashboards – the exact data you want to see across your entire network. It’s revolutionary – you can create your very own network analytics UI.

Imagine what this level of control will do for your ability to drill down into the root cause of issues.

NOC in your pocket

All this control, and it’s completely mobile-responsive. That means that the desktop version of ENA scales perfectly for all screen sizes – while still maintaining the troubleshooting power of the main product. We give you the full power of the NOC, wherever you are, and whatever device you’re using.

New Technologies

We want to help network engineers fix problems quickly, and we know that your world is becoming increasingly more diverse and more distributed. It’s important you can combine various technologies to give you visibility into what’s happening and allow you to keep your network performing at optimal effiency – or get the network up and running quickly. In ENA, we’ve enhanced our offering by introducing support for AWS and Azure instances. We’ve added NBAR capabilities with the ability to monitor and blacklist traffic. We’ve added monitoring for Cisco ACI. And we’ve also added predictive trend lines for every time series chart, so you can predict issues before they even become issues.

With all of these benefits, we’re excited about ENA. We’ve listened to you, and built something you’ve been asking for, and we think you’ll love it. Actually, we’ll let you be the judge of that – you can hop on over to the live demo, sign up and have a play. Or you can try ENA on your own network, free for 30 days.

Matt Latham is the Director of Product at Entuity. When not indulging in anything tech, he enjoys playing chess, cycling and regularly getting beaten at ping pong by his wife.
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