Don’t Wait. Consolidate.

Hearst_Tower_April_2008 consolidateThe title of a recent Tech Target article, “Shattering the ‘single pane of glass’ myth of network management,” is an attention grabber, but I took it more as a general statement that simply says, “no one solution can do it all.” And to that point, the author is correct.

Does Entuity have all the pieces anyone could ever want? No. However, Entuity does consolidate more enterprise-ready, core network management features into a single software package than framework or SMB solutions do. What’s more, it all comes together in a fully integrated web UI (read “single-pane-of-glass”) and offers seamless, two-way integration with many other products for end-to-end visibility (e.g., BMC TrueSight Operations Management, Dell Foglight, and other third-party applications).

Its customizable dashboards allow information from multiple web sources to be combined and freely arranged into a single page, to best suit the business needs. Better yet, it’s largely configured out-of-the-box using industry best practices, making it really simple to install, setup and maintain.

With all that said, while users may not currently be able to get everything they want or need in a single product, what they can do is aim to reduce the “total” number of tools needed to get good networking management coverage, say from 50 to 10, or 10 to 3… and in that respect, Entuity plays very well.


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