Destiny Needs Networking

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As the world gets more and more modernized and reliant on the internet, having the correct network monitoring software is becoming more and more crucial. In this post I will be discussing the online only MMORPG FPS game Destiny and why companies like Bungie and Activision must keep their network and servers running perfect at all times.

Destiny is a massive multiplayer online role playing first person shooter (I know that’s a mouthful!) that I have been playing for a little over a year like millions of other gamers around the world. This game is reliant entirely on being connected online as you share a game world that is constantly changing and being updated. It is due to this need to always be connected that it is crucial that the games servers are always running and are always connected. The only time the game world shouldn’t be accessible is during schedule maintenance to improve connectivity and the game itself.

Unfortunately this is not the only time the game is not playable and if the issue occurs for an extended period of time, millions of users across the globe get upset and start contacting Bungie angrily since they paid money for a service that they are unable to use.

Using a service like Entuity could help to prevent network outages from occurring, keep the game online, and ensure users have a great experience and continue to have a good opinion of Bungie and their products. Some other services can help to fix problems that occur in a large network, but they notify the IT admins after the problem and its results have already affected the network negatively. To prevent these problems from happening Bungie could use Entuity to monitor their network and fix problem areas before the network and servers go down. With many options for online gaming it helps the reputation of a company if they can claim that their game world never goes offline unless scheduled and can grab a large portion of a growing market.

At the time of this post Destiny has 25 million registered players across the globe who are never afraid to complain when even the smallest issue occurs. These 25 million users are running the game non-stop which means there is no wiggle room when a problem occurs to the Bungie network or servers and keeping the game up takes a lot of energy and resources. Entuity as an all-in-one platform can allow Bungie, or a similar organization, to review the status of their network and devices in real-time to ensure resources are allocated correctly to prevent any outages around the world. Nothing in this world is perfect, but the Entuity platform is pretty close. As an online gamer in a quickly growing industry that has also spawned additional industries, a game can’t just be enjoyable to keep my business. It has to be reliable and be able to guarantee that all possible steps are taken to make sure my experience is uninterrupted to continue to keep me as a customer.

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