How to Customize the Order of Dashboards in Entuity Network Analytics (ENA)

How to Customize the order of Dashboards on Entuity Network Analytics (ENA)

An Introduction

This article is going to show you how dashboards are ordered and how you can customize the order in ENA, giving you better control of your network management.

What you’ll Learn

  • Customize the Order
  • Create Dashboards
  • Entuity Network Analytics
  • Network Management



Default Dashboards Order

The order that the dashboards are listed from left to right along the Dashboard Bar and from top to bottom in the Dashboard Menu is defined by the priority ordering of the dashboards. Favorite Dashboards are displayed along the Dashboard Bar and you can also see them listed under the All Dashboards Menu.

What happens if you resize the window?

The highest priority favorite dashboard is displayed on the Left. If there isn’t enough room to display all of the favorites, then the rightmost entries are removed. First, if I were to reduce the width of this window, let’s see what would happen to the list of six standard favorite dashboards. As the window becomes too narrow to contain them all, the ones on the right are disappearing.

As the width of the window is narrow down enough, you’ll also notice that the dashboard has reorganized itself to a scrolling dashboard with the individual dashlets on top of each other. Because that’s the best way to use the available window.

What happens if you change the context?

The highest priority favorite is on the left and it’s the dashboard that will be displayed by default. When the dashboard context is changed, the default dashboard will be displayed unless there’s a dashboard with the same name as was previously being displayed.

For example, I’m now displaying the NBAR Dashboard for a device. If I were to select a View which is “All Objects” in this case, there is also an NBAR Dashboard for the View. It will continue using the NBAR Dashboard for the View.

However, if I were to use the Ports Dashboard for a device and select a View, there is no corresponding Ports Dashboard at the View level. So the default dashboard would be the one on the left of the favorites which is the Summary Dashboard.

Dashboard Settings

1. Who can customize the order?

Changes to the dashboard settings can be made by users who are either Administrators or Members of a user group with Dashboard Management permission.

2. How to customize the order?

The priority order of the dashboards can be changed from within the Dashboard Configuration screen.

There is a Dashboard Menu option “Change Dashboard Order” and a corresponding blue button on the upper right corner called Changed Dashboard Order.

To reorder the dashboards, you can simply drag and drop a dashboard in the list and change its priority. For example, you could take the map dashboard and place that above the summary dashboard in priority order. You’ll see the map has now become the default when you go back to the main dashboard because it’s the highest priority favorite dashboard.

3. How to create a new Summary Dashboard as a favorite

Whether a dashboard is visible and whether it’s promoted to be a favorite is controlled by the User Group Permission settings. These can be edited along with other dashboard settings if two or more dashboards have exactly the same name. Only the highest priority one will be accessible.

I’ve previously created a custom dashboard called Special Map. Although it’s enabled and I have access to it as an Administrator, it’s not currently listed as a favorite dashboard which is why it wasn’t appearing on the favorites line.

In order to make it appeared as a favorite, you could change that by editing its settings and for the administrator’s group not only granted access but consider it to be a favorite.

Now, if you exit the Dashboard Configuration page and go back to the Dashboards, you’ll see it now appears as a favorite and in fact, it’s the highest priority favorite. I could still change its order as the previous section shown how to customize the order. If you wanted this dashboard to become the new Summary Dashboard and replace the existing one, you could do that simply by changing its name. Go to the settings again and change its name to Summary.

Since it has a higher priority than the original Summary Dashboard as we have already changed the priority of order. When you go back to display the dashboards, you’ll no longer see the original summary dashboard but only the new one you’ve created. In this case, only the Administrators would see that because only the Administrators have access to that dashboard and non-administrators would still see the ordinary Summary Dashboard because they don’t have the special dashboard overriding it.

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