Coding Boot Camps, SIR!

Attention, scrubs! Strap your boots and make your beds! “Boot camps” are the hottest educational format right Drill_sergeantnow, especially for professional coders. Coding Boot Camps are popping up everywhere, and for good reasons.

Before I go too into it, let me be clear that a traditional college education is still preferred in the industry and with employers in charge of hiring. However, with prices skyrocketing every year, and the shrinking opportunity to set aside four years to complete a college degree, coding “Boot Camps” are becoming the top rising trend for professionals.

Coding Boot Camps are usually an 11 week program, costing about $11,000. On the flip side, a tradition education at a private college would take four years and an average of $32,000 per year. But even though the costs are lower, do you get the same level of education?

Well, kind of. Although traditional education is still preferred and is said to give a better overall understanding of coding and IT in general, attendees at these coding boot camps are getting something colleges aren’t offering: Hands on experience. These boot camps are throwing the kids into the lake to see if they will swim, and so far it’s been working. Nothing replaces a four year education, but if you are looking to expand your skills in coding, maybe a boot camp would be a good fit.

To read the entire article, including comments Boot Camp and College students, and from the CEO of a coding boot camp, check out “Can Coding Boot Camps Replace a Computer Science Degree” on Network World.

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