Class is in session!

Time to start hitting the books! Well, webpages that is. It’s almost time for school to start again, and this summer a new series has been issued to learn everything there is to know about network management. has been releasing a series that teaches all of the ins and out, latest trends, and know-how in network management. teaching studentsThe 21-part series focuses on network management all across the board, from describing layers to internet governance.

This is a great series for anyone, and I mean anyone. Their explanations are very easy to understand, and they are up to date with the latest network management innovations as well. It reads as if you were in a conversation with an expert network manager who is explaining the basics.

Though it does go into more depth, most of the content is exactly what it’s called: Networking 101 material. So if you really know your stuff, this will be a children’s book. But if you are still learning about networking, however, there may not be a better resource on the internet than this series.

Luckily after this 101 class, you won’t gain the Freshman 15!

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