Buchanan Technologies adopts Entuity Network Management to expand its global MSP services

Boston, USA – London, UK – August 18, 2017)Entuity today announced that Buchanan Technologies, a global managed service provider headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is successfully using Entuity Network Analytics to manage their worldwide network. As an MSP, Buchanan is responsible for creating, expanding, and maintaining a complex network infrastructure in support of their varied client base. Entuity gives them proactive network management as well as powerful network data analytics to identify and address trends and issues such as capacity management and performance.

Buchanan’s “customer first” mantra drives the entire company to deliver the best possible IT services to their clients. This is most evident within their IT organization where they manage their client’s critical networks to ensure all Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met. Entuity provides accurate reports to validate SLAs and helps manage adherence to specified SLA metrics.

According to Darvey Lavender, Director Client Services for Buchanan: “The service value we offer our customers is being an extension of their IT team.  We allow them to focus on the internal goals of their organization—moving their own business forward, while we ensure that their systems are up and running and their end-users are online.  We needed a network management tool that offered a higher level of visibility, allowing us to support our customers at the highest level.”

Buchanan and Entuity combine to quickly gain actionable insight into each client’s network keeping IT performance at high levels. Efficient operations are important when you are responsible for many different company’s networks. “We’re able to on-board customers more quickly now,” says Lavender. “We can complete the deployment in a much more streamlined manner and have visibility to new devices right away, where before we had much more man power devoted to getting devices online and monitored. Entuity makes the process much simpler.”

From a business perspective, the operational efficiency and automation gained from using Entuity allows Buchanan to maintain strong, growing revenue and stable profit margins. Reducing staff expenses, faster customer on-boarding, and customer retention all contribute to a successful organization that is well poised to support their growing customer base in the years to come.

“We are happy to count Buchanan as one of our prominent MSP customers,” said Stephen Woodard, President and CEO of Entuity. “Entuity strives to develop solutions that empower MSPs to move forward in this changing IT digital world. Supplying reliable IT services to enterprises requires supporting the latest technologies and gaining the most from network digital analytics. Buchanan takes advantage of this vital ideology using Entuity. They excel in delivering outstanding services which is testament to their growing customer base.”

“The network is one of those very difficult areas that not many people understand. When things happen, it’s always, well, ‘what caused that?’ Entuity enables us to take a proactive stance with our customers by stating, ‘we see this happening, and this is what we need to do to keep it from causing you problems,” says Lavender. “Since we started using Entuity, customer satisfaction has definitely increased across the board.”

For more information on Buchanan Technologies and Entuity, visit entuity.com.

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