Entuity 16.5 Patch 1 Part 2

If you need BMC Network Management look no further then our Entuity for BMC Truesight Operations Management Integration.

Entuity 16.5 patch 1 logo for BMC Network Management

BMC Network Management

Last week we looked at how to install Entuity 16.5 Patch 1. So, now we’re ready to start looking at the cool new features it provides. The first of which is an enhancement to the BMC network management feature Entuity provides. You can already forward Entuity incidents to Truesight but Entuity 16.5 Patch 1 also provides a feed of network analytics data directly to the presentation server. Let’s see how this fits together:

Entuity Truesight Component Architecture providing BMC Network Management

In the diagram, you can see the existing feed forwarding Entuity incident updates from each Network Analytics Collector to the Infrastructure Management server. This information is used to open and close events within the Infrastructure Management Server. These events are then ultimately viewed in the Presentation Server and are one of the main sources of BMC network management data. The enhanced functionality provided by Entuity 16.5 Patch 1 provides a consolidated feed of network analytics data straight to the Presentation Server. If we take a look at the presentation server a new Network menu can be seen and under this three network analytics data breakdowns are provided, which are Services, Devices and TopN

Network Service page from BMC Network Management

A network service is a hierarchical grouping of network objects. By double clicking a particular service, it’s possible to drill down to the objects within. Some example objects might be network devices, ports or other services. Each service uses rules to set its own status based on the status of the objects it contains. This allows Entuity to accurately model the status of real word network services.

The device breakdown gives you a straight list of the network devices under management. From here you can drill down to sub-components and chart time-series data. It’s even possible to view flow information.

BMC Network Management devices

The topN breakdown shows the top 5 worst network ports categorised by packet loss, traffic rate, utilisation, rate and packet discards. From here you can drill down to ports of interest and use Entuity’s rich data set to diagnose problems.

Procedure for Adding the Entuity Network Analytics Component

So how do we get this great new functionality? I’ve set out a few simple steps here and don’t forget if you get stuck please contact support so that we can help you.

  • Install Entuity 16.5 Patch 1. I covered the basics of installing the patch last week. If you’d like detailed information on updating and patching Entuity, why not take the Installation and Upgrade training course.
  • Access the Entuity server’s file system and from Entuity’s main directory navigate to the integ folder and from there the Truesight folder. In here you will find the file Entuity.zip. Copy this file to a suitable location on the Truesight presentation server. For the example below, we’ll use C:\Components\ if you are using Red Hat or SUE the methodology is exactly the same. In the examples, I also assume that tssh is in its default location.
  • Install the Entuity Network Component with the command: tssh componenttype add <file path to Entuity.zip>
  • See the User Guide – Integrating Entuity Network Management with BMC TrueSight Operations Manager for more information on installing and updating the component.
  • Go to the presentation servers administration menu and from there choose the component item.
  • Next, click the button to add a new component and select the Entuity server type.
  • Finally, enter the hostname of your Entuity consolidation server and you’re done. A new network menu will appear that will let you access the new stream of network analytical data.

Linux Example of Installing the Entuity Network Analytics Component

$ cd /opt/BMC Software/TrueSightPServer/truesightpserver/bin/
$ ./tssh componenttype add /Components/Entuity.zip

Windows Example of Installing the Entuity Network Analytics Component

> cd \Program Files\BMC Software\TrueSightPServer\truesightpserver\bin\
> tssh componenttype add C:\Components\Entuity.zip

Example of connecting the Entuity Network Analytics Server

Adding BMC Network Management component

Next week we will take a look at how Entuity 16.5 Patch 1 makes Composite Report writing so much easier!

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