What IT Admins Love and Hate About Network Management

NetworkWorld featured an interesting article today listing 8 network management tools and reactions, positive and negative, from users of those tools.  Read the full article here.

The comments in this article are all culled from IT Central Station.  The article mentions that according to these users, “the most important criteria to consider when choosing network monitoring software are scalability, flexibility and multi-tenancy.”

Three of Entuity’s key features mirror that list perfectly.  Entuity’s all-in-one network management software has always been know for its scalability and flexibility.  With the recent release of Entuity 16.5, we now add multi-tenancy to our list of highlights.

Three key benefits to Entuity’s multi-tenancy:

  • Easier Network Management and Admin

–Addition of IP address zones allows devices on networks with overlapping IP address spaces to be managed from the same Entuity server

  • Improves Operational Efficiency and Lowers Cap Ex Costs

–Reduces the number of Entuity servers needed to manage multiple tenants

  • Ideal for MSPs and Merged Companies

–The use of zones is especially helpful for MSPs that manage many smaller networks and for merged companies where IP address ranges overlap.

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