How to Add Individual Devices to Entuity Network Analytics (ENA)


This video helps you with adding individual devices to Entuity Network Analytics giving you better control of your network management.

An Introduction

This article is going to show you how a single device or a few devices can be added to Entuity Network Analytics (ENA) in order to take better control of your network management.

What you’ll Learn

  • Individual Devices
  • Device Inventory
  • Entuity Network Analytics
  • Network Management



1. Navigation to Device Inventory

The option is available under the Main menu > Administration> Device Inventory

2. Add Devices Dialog

By clicking into the Device Inventory menu, you can simply add devices using the “Add” button down to the bottom. It will bring up an Add Devices Dialog which allows you to enter the details device by device.

3. Setting

General Setting

For example, here is a device with its hostname “e2821” entered. If you enter a hostname that’ll be how it’s displayed by default. If you put the IP Address, that is how it’s going to be displayed in the system.

SNMP Access

As far as the SNMP version. This is defaulting to SNMPv2c. If you’ve got the SNMPv3 configured on the devices, then that will be the version used for high-security purposes. However, if you have very old devices that only support SNMPv1, then v1 is the mode you’d select. Just remember you can’t accurately monitor the utilization on interfaces with a line speed of greater than 100 megabits per second if you’re using SNMPv1.

The last thing you need to enter is the Read Community String. Then just click the Add button.

4. Device Added

You can close off the dialog and it’s working on adding that device in the Device Inventory interface. The device has now been added and in a minute or two you’ll see it become reachable. If you want to import a device via a File, please check on our next blog.

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