99 Problems, and The Network is One

A study published in December, conducted by IT performance analysis vendor TeamQuest, found that network slowdowns and outages are the most common issues for IT professionals.

When interviewing the over 400 IT management professionals surveyed in this study, they discovered the importance of new traffic pattern ahead issuesconsistently monitoring your data center and how troubling lack of oversight and IT efficiency can be for any company.

Though these findings are probably not surprising to anyone who works in network management, it’s a great reiteration of how important it is to always monitor and analyze your network to avoid slowdowns.

In what seems to be an EPIC oxymoron, it also showcases “the most common, unexpected issues” that IT managers typically face, broken into percentages. The results show 42% chose network outages and slowdowns, 37% said application performance problems, 37% availability issues, 36% equipment failures, and 34% unexpected change requests as the most common issues (participants were allowed to choose multiple answers).

And what happens when these busy professionals find these problems? “The average IT manager had to handle eight unpleasant surprises per week, each of which required the attentions of seven staff members.” That’s a lot of hands and time for fixing avoidable issues.

If only there was an easier solution to find problems before they happen…

You can learn more about this study and its findings here.

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