Using Entuity Custom Reports to Report on Cisco Unified Call Manager

CR-TT 4In our third Tech Tip, we discussed using the Entuity custom report builder to report on IP SLA thresholds. This week, we discuss how to run a custom report on Cisco Unified Call Manager (CUCM).

Tech Tip 4

Entuity provides two simple methods to run reports on Cisco Unified Call Manager implementations. The first method is via the custom report builder. Simply drag CUCM applications, or one or more metrics, into the Report Builder drop box as you would when creating any other custom report (please see Custom Report Builder Tech Tips 2 and 3 for more). CUCM is one of the data types modelled in the Entuity database.

The second method is through one of the 3 prepackaged CUCM reports that Entuity offers:

  • Inventory Report, which provides a list of all CUCMs you run.
  • IP Phone Directory Report, listing all CUCM users and their extensions, the IP and MAC addresses of each phone, and the CUCM they are associated with. If you have multiple CUCMs, there will be a consolidated report that brings in information from all call managers within the view you have currently selected.
  • IP Phone Look Up Report, which enables you to enter an extension number to bring up information based on that extension.

About Entuity Custom Reports

Alongside almost 150 pre-built reports available as standard, Entuity offers a custom report builder for drag-and-drop report building. Custom reporting enables users and Entuity administrators to define and create reports that can be run interactively, on a scheduled basis, or even placed in a dashboard with other screens. For an overview of Entuity custom reports, watch this video.

To learn more about the Entuity Report Builder, watch this video. To learn more about our out-of-the-box reports, watch this video.

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