Entuity Custom Reports and IP SLA Thresholds

Entuity Custom Reports Tech Tip 3Our second Tech Tip discussed how to use the Entuity custom report builder to report on F5 load balancers. This week’s covers an aspect of IP SLA reporting.

Tech Tip 3

Here’s a good question from an Entuity customer: “Can we pull out of the Entuity Data Management Kernel (DMK) thresholds defined for different kinds of IP SLA reports?”

The answer is yes. Each IP SLA operation object has a number of thresholds associated with it. The thresholds themselves are held in the Entuity DMK. To show the thresholds in a report, use the Entuity Report Builder to add an attribute that references those thresholds and then use the Entuity StormWorks software engine to pull them back from the DMK via the get_threshold() function. This allows you to list IP SLA thresholds in a table (Tabular Report) alongside any other attributes you’d like to display. You can do this yourself or contact Entuity Support if you need help.

To learn more about the Entuity Report Builder, including how to define a custom attribute, watch this video.

About Entuity Custom Reports

Alongside almost 150 pre-built reports available as standard, Entuity offers a custom report builder for drag-and-drop report building. Custom reporting enables users and Entuity administrators to define and create reports that can be run interactively, on a scheduled basis, or even placed in a dashboard with other screens. For an overview of Entuity custom reports, watch this video.

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