5 Ways in which Network Analytics Improves AIOps

AIOps helps businesses harness the insight and revenue potential of big data through machine learning and data analytics, as is discussed here. These processes depend on data from the underlying network, and it is the network that now underpins all business operations.

Network analytics, which improves the performance of network infrastructure, is therefore an essential part of AIOps. This blog post sets out the ways in which network analytics helps AIOps platforms generate greater insight, focus and return in IT management.

Ensure quality of data

At the most fundamental level of any system, the quality of output is determined by the quality of input. Data fed into machine learning tools must be high grade, appropriate and relevant, or the accuracy of the patterns and predictions produced will suffer. The volume of data available to a business is growing exponentially and network conditions change rapidly. If the data is harvested through separate tools or from separate silos then there is a risk that it will be inconsistent, incomplete, or not up-to-date. The most effective network analytics solutions consolidate functions into a holistic package to eliminate information silos and ensure a unified, consistent data source from across the network.

Easily manage infrastructure

25% of technology professionals say that an inability to ensure their digital services operate at the highest levels of performance, automation and capacity is a major roadblock to digital transformation.

TechValidate (2016)

One driver of AIOps is the difficulty IT teams have in managing expanding and increasingly complex infrastructure. AIOps looks to simplify IT operations management, and this must start with the underlying foundation of IT – the network. A holistic network analytics solution puts all network management on a single screen, running analytics on cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments in one place. This not only provides instant visibility of the entire network infrastructure at a glance, but also produces the consistent datasets required for AIOps without the need for swivel-chair management. Simplifying monitoring and management of the underlying network provides the ideal foundation for AIOps processes across the wider scope of IT operations.

Keep the network performing

IT teams are under pressure to maintain network performance to support business services and applications. The flood of data provides more information about the network’s status than ever before, but can also give rise to huge numbers of alerts that need to be addressed. Applying machine learning to event management in the network layer means network errors can be identified and addressed in real time. When combined with intelligent event suppression that prevents alert overload, network analytics solutions are able to deal with events and incidents before they impact business services and save IT teams from hunting down alerts. Keeping tabs on events affecting the network is the first step to enhancing IT operations overall, informing AIOps processes of how the network is impacting those operations.

Generate continuous insight

A network analytics solution delivers insight into the network layer that other IT operations tools simply cannot provide. Given that the network is the core of all IT operations and the business as a whole, network analytics is necessarily an essential component of AIOps. Without it, the network itself will become a blind spot and the impact of AIOps will not be comprehensive. Whilst end-to-end visibility and monitoring of infrastructure help enhance and maintain the network performance, network analytics integrations deliver analytical insight into the AIOps process. These insights help IT teams do their job better and more efficiently, and enable quicker analysis of root cause of IT incidents.

98% of organizations say that a single hour of network downtime costs over $100,000.

Rand Group, ‘How Much Does 1 Hour of Downtime Cost the Average Business?’ (2017)

Create greater value for end users

By helping to meet the challenges of digital business transformation, AIOps empowers IT professionals to focus on what matters to the business. With the network becoming ever more crucial to business success, IT is now a valuable business asset and integral to creating value for the customer. The more a business knows about its customers, the more value it can provide, and this knowledge comes from the data in the network layer. Network analytics enables IT teams to leverage the full data – and therefore revenue – potential of the network. Supported by network analytics, AIOps can better learn and adapt to user data to enhance performance and the customer experience.

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