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2 JUNE 2016

The vendor has added features to its Network Management and SurePath offerings such as product integrations, enhanced network topology maps and configuration management capabilities. The latest functionality allows users to
view and manage network paths as well as analyze performance in real time or as part of a historical trend.
Entuity has updated its network management and path analysis software with a broad range of features, including enhanced topology maps, configuration management capabilities, cloud certification and integration with ServiceNow. The product allows users to view and manage network paths and analyze performance in real time – critical to today’s increasingly virtualized networks – or as part of a historical trend. The updates are designed to improve the client’s level of visibility into and control over its network performance.


Entuity continues to introduce innovative features and functionality. It currently can discover, monitor and visualize physical, virtual and cloud assets separately. However, enterprises are seeking a consolidated, end-to-end view of their networks. We anticipate that this will be the next challenge tackled by the company. Given growing customer demand, we believe Entuity will likely announce functionality in this space later this year.


Entuity was founded in 1997 and is based in London, with a US headquarters in Marlborough, Massachusetts. It targets medium to large enterprises and has hundreds of customers worldwide, many of which operate networks with over 5,000 devices on them. Due to the global footprint of many of its customers, Entuity’s network management products are currently deployed in 48 countries.

With about 60 employees worldwide and revenue of $10-50m, the company is cash-flow positive and, based on the fact that it has not raised financing since 2004, appears to have been so for some time. The $3.2m raised in 2004 was Entuity’s second round and brought the company to $15.2 in total funding.

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